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Your New Normal

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Saturday, 04 September 2021 | Reading taken from Luke 18:8 (CSB)

Exodus 10:23 (NLT): "During all that time the people could not see each other, and no one moved. But there was light as usual where the people of Israel lived."

Right there, in the midst of the darkness, the people of God lived in the light - "as usual". This means living in God's supernatural provision was normal for God's people. It was normal for the people of God to be exempt from suffering circumstances that were overtaking their neighbours, who didn't know God. During the plague of darkness, the people of Egypt were in such darkness they couldn't see their own hands in front of their faces, let alone each other. In the three days of dense darkness that was "so thick you can feel it" (Exodus 10:21), the people of Israel were living in the light. God is faithful to His people, and He does not waver in His promise to keep us in all our ways. He required His people to live differently from other nations so He could place His covenant privileges on display! The redeemed people who know their God and walk in unyielding obedience to Him can expect divine exemption from the effects of sin and death. God's heart for His people is for us to live an abundant life, and become beaming displays of His goodness. We are destined to be set apart to reflect Him! No matter how desperate things become all around you - you do not need to be afraid of the dark. Where you live, you will experience light as usual.