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Made to Display His Glory

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Monday, 09 November 2020 | Reading taken from Isaiah 6:3 (AMPC)

Isaiah 6:3 (AMPC): "And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!"

Have you ever thought about the supernatural miracle that takes place when a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Personal Saviour, and becomes born again? The Word says our spirit-man becomes a brand new creation. Our Spiritual DNA changes and we are transformed from darkness into His glorious light! In 1 Peter 1:16, God says we must be holy because He is holy. In other words, we must recognise that He has made us with a different spirit and nature to the world around us, and we should fully intend to display that difference in everything we do. God is incorruptible and totally separate from a selfish, sinful nature. As His children, and representatives here on earth, it's essential for us to give ourselves to an intimate relationship with Him and His Word. This is where our carnal nature becomes dominated and influenced by the new, glorious spirit He personally formed within us. Together, we will boldly reflect His glory, freely flowing from His supernatural work inside us, until the whole earth is filled with it.