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Clear Conscience

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Wednesday, 03 July 2019 | Reading taken from Acts 23:1 (TPT)

Acts 23:1 (TPT): "...My brothers, up to this day I have lived my life before God with a perfectly clear conscience."

A person's conscience acts as their moral compass. It's that small voice in your head that leads you to and on the path of what you know is morally right. The issue presents itself when our moral compass is desensitised and corrupted by the world, and not aligned to God's Word. When we become born-again, the Spirit of God comes to live inside us and He becomes the voice of our conscience. He guides us with accuracy on the path of righteousness. Our responsibility is to heed the counsel of the Holy Spirit in every situation. How do we discern that it's His voice and not our own, or that of the devil? God will never contradict His Word, so if we are diligent to spend time meditating on its truth, we will know if the inner voice we hear lines up with the Word or not. When our way of thinking and reasoning is renewed to God's Word, we will have the assurance that our conscience is in agreement with His will. If it doesn't condemn us, we will have the boldness to make the right decisions and integrity will reign in our lives, and God's peace that surpasses human understanding will act as our umpire - silencing all doubt and fear.