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Godly Character

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Sunday, 02 June 2019 | Reading taken from 2 Corinthians 1:12 (AMPC)

2 Corinthians 1:12 (AMPC): "It is a reason for pride and exultation to which our conscience testifies that we have conducted ourselves in the world...with devout and pure motives and godly sincerity, not in fleshly wisdom but by the grace of God (the unmerited favour and merciful kindness by which God, exerting His holy influence upon souls, turns them to Christ, and keeps, strengthens, and increases them in Christian virtues)."

Godly character is more important to God than your gifts, talents, or success in man's eyes. He wants to use you as His representative; more importantly, He wants to do it through an inseparable partnership where He has a divine influence on your soul. That means you think His thoughts, speak His Words and act as He does. He will do great and mighty things through you, but He wants you to be ready to be used. Purposefully investing your attention in the Word of God, where you allow the Holy Spirit to brand its principles on your heart and in your mind, will begin a transformation process from the inside out. This way you'll have the practical wisdom and character needed to sustain you. It will keep you established, fruitful, and extremely effective for God's kingdom.