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Sealed with the Holy Spirit

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Thursday, 14 March 2019 | Reading taken from Ephesians 1:13 (AMP)

Ephesians 1:13 (AMP): "In Him you also who have heard the Word of Truth, the glad tidings (Gospel) of your salvation, and have believed in and adhered to and relied on Him, were stamped with the seal of the long-promised Holy Spirit."

In New Testament times, a seal was placed on a package or document by a wealthy and prominent sender as a sign of possession. The sender poured hot wax onto the rolled parchment or the string that bound the package. Afterward, he pressed his insignia into the wax, leaving a visible, distinctive mark. This insignia alerted everyone that the package was the possession of a wealthy or powerful person. It gave a guarantee that the package would be handled with great care and make it to its final destination in tact. Greek scholar, Rick Renner, wrote this about the seal of the Holy Spirit on those who belong to God, "When demons see the seal of God on your life, they know they are not to mess around with that package. You're a special package, to be treated with special care. Angels watch over you and guard your safe passage from one place to the next. Evil forces may attempt to delay the timing of your arrival, but the seal of God in your heart guarantees that you'll get there. Live today understanding that you carry the seal of the Holy Spirit upon you. You are marked as being God's own, precious possession. Knowing this should make you lift your head high in confidence and give you a skip of joy in your step as you go about doing the very things the Holy Spirit leads you to do.