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Let Peace Rule

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Wednesday, 03 October 2018 | Reading taken from Colossians 3:15 (AMPC)

Have you experienced moments when you feel your mind being bombarded with conflicting thoughts of problems and challenges that are literally, simultaneously screaming for your attention? What makes it worse, they stir up emotions of frustration and doubt and fear; and if you don't get it all under control, you are going to explode! Like a fiery volcano, you will lash out at whoever happens to be in the line of fire. Or, you will retreat to your bed, roll over and try sleep the pressure away, pushing it as far out of your thoughts as you can. Either way, it's not going to solve a single problem is it. So what do we do to stop this downward spiral of defeat in our minds? It's time to get God's peace in the middle of the mess. The Greek word for rule means umpire or referee. When God's peace arrives on the scene, and we allow it to rule, it blows the whistle on the chaos, silences the noise and calls the shots. It brings immediate clarity and order, taking our emotions under control. God's Word is peace and life, so as we deliberately place our full attention on it, we'll feel the wonderful, conquering peace of God begin to dominate our minds, bringing relief and hope. The moment we feel overwhelmed by our problems, if we have been investing time in the Word of God, we can rely on the Holy Spirit to be an excellent partner. As we cry out to Him for help, from our spirits, like a spontaneous thought, He will release the exact scripture we need into our minds. As we hold onto that truth, we will feel His peace dominate everything. Then, with a grateful heart, we begin to praise Him, driving all fear away. Choose to spend time in God's Word, it will be the life and peace you need to rule over any chaos that threatens to overwhelm you.