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Your Everlasting Covenant

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Sunday, 01 July 2018 | Reading taken from Isaiah 55:3 (KJV)

If we really understood the New Covenant we have in Christ Jesus, we would never entertain doubt and fear again. It's time to educate ourselves in who we are in Christ, and the authority He has given us to reign in life with Him. Just as it was with David, the principle key to activating the benefits of God's covenant, is drawing near to Him. David studied God's ways by spending time with Him in the fields. We study His ways, by spending time in the Word. Through continuously listening to and obeying His voice, we step into the victorious life He has for us. The Word teaches us that our Covenant God delights in being good to us, and that He takes great pleasure in seeing us overcome every challenge by applying our faith in Him and His promises. Deliberately choosing to draw near to the Lord, learning to lean on Him, and hear His Words of Life spoken into our spirits, causes our confidence in Him to soar. It's this confidence that enables us to step out in faith and do whatever He tells us to do. Just like David did when he faced the bear and the lion, and Goliath. Our covenant is even better than David's, we carry the presence of God in us, which means we can be fully prepared to be used of God, everywhere we go. Did you know that God will personally back every act of obedience to His promptings? You never have to be afraid to act in faith and activate God's unstoppable power. Your words of faith and acts of love and kindness will bring life and enforce the enemy's defeat. Because of our covenant with God, we can be bold to share the Gospel, pray for the sick, and set free those who are oppressed by the devil. It's called doing the works of God, and He loves to see us do it! It's time to let you re-born spirit be the dominating force in your life. Step out in faith, and watch God back you up with the demonstration of His power! This is your covenant relationship with God!