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You are God's Home

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Thursday, 10 May 2018 | Reading taken from John 14:23 (AMPC)

Loving God has everything to with knowing Him in His Word. Jesus made it very clear that spending time meditating on His Word, would bring us to a place of knowing and understanding the heart and character of our Heavenly Father. The more we fall in love with Who God is, based on what His Word says about Him, the more we desire and delight to follow after His interests and His way of doing things. Obeying God's Word becomes a natural expression of our love for Him, and makes evident how much we enjoy living wholeheartedly in and for Him. We don't miss out on anything, or sacrifice one good thing, when we follow after God and His ways. On the contrary, when our obedience flows from, and is fueled by experiencing His pure, glorious, and inexhaustible love for us, nothing compares to the joy and pleasure we experience from living in harmony with Him. In John 14, Jesus explains the inseparable connection we enjoy with Him and His Father, through the Holy Spirit, when we know, love and obey Him in His Word. In fact, the atmosphere of our heart becomes so welcoming and favorable to the Lord, that He promises to make our lives His very own, special dwelling place. Colossians 3:16 says the Word dwells in us richly when we give it the honor and attention it deserves. Choose to have an attitude that welcomes and eagerly receives the Word of God in your life today, understanding that He has made His home in your heart and intends to fill your life with all things good. When we purposefully delight in the Word and make the Lord the object of our desire, our lives will display His active goodness, in every possible way.