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Empowered To Be A Witness

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Tuesday, 02 January 2018 | Reading taken from Acts 1:8 (AMP)

The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit operates in us and flows mightily through us, when we spend time waiting on Him, yielding to His touch. As we pay careful attention to His voice inside our spirits, He infuses us with inner strength, as the revelation of God's love for us fills and overflows our hearts. His love, by His Spirit, enables us to courageously and effectively be His witness to whomever He brings across our path. There is nothing more captivating or compelling than the love of God that shines out of the heart of a believer, who has truly received it for themselves. Let the Holy Spirit reveal God's love for you today. As you embrace it, allow it to flow freely and powerfully through you to those who desperately need it. What a privilege and joy to reach others with the purest, strongest witnessing tool of all - God's love, poured into our hearts by His precious Holy Spirit.