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All Things are Possible

by Dr Andre and Jenny Roebert
Friday, 08 September 2017 | Reading taken from Mark 9:23 (NKJ)

The Greek word for 'possible', expresses the idea of someone who is energised with the ability and power to be fit or competent for any task. According to this scripture, this is what is available for the person who believes. That word 'believes', is written in the present continuous tense. That means he is consistently, without wavering, reaching forward in faith to take hold of the prize he sees before Him. Jesus said that if you and I choose to consistently have faith, refuse to doubt and push forward to receive our goal, we will be energised with the power we need to competently complete the task at hand, no matter how impossible it appears to be! So fuel your faith today, yield to the power it brings and reach forward, remembering all things are possible to you, because you believe.